Stockholm in Winter dress

Stockholm i vinterskrud

A Stockholm in winter dress can be incredibly beautiful. I shoot this picture during a walk between Kungsträdgården (Kings garden) and Slussen on a very cold day in January 2013. The picture was taken from the bridge that goes between the Grand Hotel and the Royal Palace. Straight ahead is the Skepp…

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Ferry to Mariehamn a cold winter day

Iskallt krispig skärgård

A freezing cold winter day in January 2013 I took a day trip with a ferry (Stockholm-Mariehamn-Stockholm). I have never experienced anything like this. It was so cold outside so it steamed from the ice and the ferry drove out and into large fog banks. One minute it was quite clear with sun and cloud…

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Winter in the Stockholm archipelago

Vinter i Stockholms skärgård

During the winter months very few visitors visit the Stockholm archipelago. If you have the opportunity to get out among the islands on a cold day when the weather is nice you not only get to enjoy the privacy but also beautiful views like this. Boat tours to the archipelago are limited during winte…

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Next stop Kandy

Vy genom molnen, över odlingar på sluttningarna i Srilankanskt odlingslanskap

It got both late and many colorful cocktails last night. So that we started our trip later than planned was perhaps not surprising. Taxi to Colombo, 4.2 mil, took an hour and a half longer than expected. So we had to take a later train. While waiting for the departure, we have tested the station……

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A walk in Negombo

Färgglada små båtar i Dutch canal i Negombo

Today we made a trip to town. I think we have experienced all the tourist spots that Negombo can offer during a walk. Fishmarket, Dutch Canal (pictured) and St Mary’s Church. The city is quite small and easy to get around. Centre consists of a myriad of shops of various kinds, heavily traffick…

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Sun and sand between my toes

Lång sandstrand i Negombo

After a long and tiring flight, we finally landed in Colombo, Sri Lanka. From snow and freezing temperatures to the sun, warmth and adventure in a “new” country. There were not a lot of sleep on the plane, and when we landed it was early morning. It’s just to bite the bullet and stay awake…….

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Day trip to Harö

Harö by i höstskrud

To set the clock, wake up and leave the warm bed early on a sunday morning requires something special. This day trip out to Harö a cold autumn day in late october was just as successful as I could wish for. Good company, beautiful views, sun from a clear blue sky in autumnal garb with……

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Fire weekend at Arholma

Haspen till en gammal militärbunker

Each year, the tourist season in the archipelago is ending with a so-called eldhelg (Fire weekend). For many restaurants, cafes, guest houses and hotels, it means that they are closing for the winter. The fire weekend is a concept created by ” Visit Skärgården ” to attract visitors to the archipelag…

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Cozy Santa Maria at Sal, Cape Verde

Fiskare på sin båt i hamnen i Santa Maria

Cape Verde is a jewel as when I was there (2011) not really had become too touristy. The water was wonderfully clear and beautiful, the beaches clean, the pace a bit slow and the food very good. The city Santa Maria (Sal) is not big but pleasant with low buildings, a square, little shops and……

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