Sakura Matsuri 2016


The Cherry Blossom Day (sakura matsuri) which is celebrated in Kungsträdgården (the Royal Garden), has long been a sign of that spring has come to Stockholm. The event is organized by the City of Stockholm in cooperation with the Japanese Association. This year The Cherry Blossom Day is April 16 fro…

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Seabirds below the Stockholm Castle

Sjöfåglar i vinterkall stockholmsström

Despite the cold and winter there are plenty of birds in the water between the Grand Hotel and Stockholm Palace. Here awaits the seabirds treats from the people passing by on the bridge above. Some years, when it has been particularly cold, the birds have been helped by feeding. But usually, they en…

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A true sign of spring

Körsbärsblommor i Kungsträdgården

When the cherry blossoms begin to bloom in Kungsträdgården then you know spring is on its way. Stockholmers and tourists who are in town flock here to watch, enjoy and above all, to photograph both flowers and themselves. The Cherry flower has its own day, “Cherry Flower day” (sakura mat…

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Stockholm in Winter dress

Stockholm i vinterskrud

A Stockholm in winter dress can be incredibly beautiful. I shoot this picture during a walk between Kungsträdgården (Kings garden) and Slussen on a very cold day in January 2013. The picture was taken from the bridge that goes between the Grand Hotel and the Royal Palace. Straight ahead is the Skepp…

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