Wind-swept out at the hill

Fire in fireplace
Cozy with a book in your lap in front of an open fire while the storm whips outside.

After two glorious sunny days it is blowing as much as the entire lift system is closed. If we’re lucky, it opens up after lunch. Some brave girls in my ski group has taken their equipment, walking the slope. But I stay indoors until it gets better.

The day before yesterday we came to France and Val Thorens. For my part, it is both the first time in the Alps and the first time with UCPA. Both experiences have been positive so far. The first day we skied on our own and went down some different slopes. And of course, an after-ski in the slopes. The sun warmed nicely!

Yesterday we were divided into ski groups depending on the type of skiing we wanted and how good we are. My group was fairly even so it was kept in principle intact. In the morning we had balance exercises in gentle slopes. Then in the afternoon it became more action. After skiing down the system’s worst black slope, I began to yearn for more balance exercises.

I got a near-death experience when I fell, dropped one ski and could not stop. I tumbled down the black slope as an unstoppable cannonball. When I finally stopped, after what seemed like an eternity, it was a relief that all body parts were intact. After that I took it very gently the rest of the day.

Today, the body will get some rest until the worst of the wind settles. To sit with a good book on the couch is not wrong either.

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